LED Lighting

With rising electricity prices and increased concern with global warming and environmental issues, it's exciting to explore new solutions to reduce costs and reduce our overall carbon footprint. One such solution can be found with LED lighting, which offers considerable benefits over traditional lighting. We work with schools and businesses to bring you the following benefits in an efficient, cost effective manner. Call us to day on 0800 849 8586 to find out how LED lighting could brighten up your day.

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Reap the benefits of LED lighting with funded installation from SCI Management

The installation costs will be totally refunded by a government funded loan and the cost savings will pay for the loan.

What savings can you expect as a school or business?

A School that we are working with at the moment currently consume, for their existing lights, approximately 356567.76 KWhs. However once we have completed the project it will be reduced to 133924.85 KWhs. This is a cost saving of £26,508.00 per annum. This figure should give them a R.O.I within roughly 3 years, leaving the installation to pay for itself and save them money right from the start.

All our LED lighting that we install is from a well know brand that supply quality LED lighting; none of it will be cheap imports. It will all be covered via a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that the school or business will be fully covered for 3 years, if anything should go wrong.

Lighting that pays for itself? Speak to SCI Management for more information


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Reduced kVA

As schools and businesses are now being penalised for the amount of electricity that they are using, our solution can reduce the total consumption considerably. Currently energy companies are charging Schools and businesses 3 x the amount of their normal rate for every kVA they use beyond their specified limit.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Many business and Schools are being asked to reduce their carbon foot print, as lighting isn’t always consider, but typically are always switched on throughout the day and night, by changing the lighting, we can considerably reduce their overall carbon foot print.

Improved health and performance

The Impact of Indoor Lighting on Students’ Learning Performance in Learning Environments Demonstrates that better quality of lighting can improve learning! There are many survey’s that have highlighted that incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting makes the working environment a less happy place to be. Headaches, tiredness, tress have all been associate with poor quality of light. As LED lighting burns at a much higher rate, they give off a better quality of light, which is somewhat closer to daylight. This makes for a better working and learning environment, which aids studying, and work in general

Reduced maintenance costs

LED lighting is much more reliable than normal lighting solutions, with an average product life of 50,000 hours which means less maintenance and more time for your site staff in other areas. LED lighting is also safer, running cooler than traditional bulbs and being less prone to breaking.

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