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Our experience and expertise has attracted a wide range of large projects, installations and interesting projects - we've detailed some of our favourites below.

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  • Gateway2Lease
    Bringing a 1990's building into the 21st century

    The Client

    Gateway2Lease operates as a credit brokerage in the vehicle finance industry in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Over the past 12 years of business, they have forged strong partnerships with both manufacturers and dealerships across the country. As their business has been growing over the past decade, naturally they were in need of expansion and began the process of moving into two new floors of offices. This is when they called SCI Management, to see how they could help tailor the space to their individual needs.

    What the Client Needed

    After speaking with SCI Management, Gateway2Lease confirmed they needed:

    • - A full ceiling grid design, incorporating lighting design and installation of 118 LED panels
    • - 225 network points installed
    • - New sockets (for power and data)
    • - Electric vehicle charging points
    • - 3 compartment dado running throughout
    • - Emergency lighting

    As well as these new installations, the systems had to work in a way that was moulded around how their office needed to work. For example, the lighting needed to be separated to different switches so that each area could be individually lit, as opposed to an all-on or all-off situation. As the installations progressed, further additions needed to be installed, such as deciding to add screens in certain locations, fitting a new boiler, and updating their existing distribution board to an 18th edition industry standard.


    By future-proofing their office, it will continue to be a modern space for years to come, and Gateway2Lease will reap the benefits of lower operational costs for the foreseeable future.

    What the Client Said Rob Marshall - Owner, Gateway2Lease

    “We were delighted that SCI Management were flexible with the changes as the project progressed, completing it all to a high standard. The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure, Keith genuinely cared about our businesses needs and understood all of the requirements from the very first meeting. We will certainly use SCI Management for any future electrical needs, as we know they can get a fantastic job done on time!” To see how SCI Management can help your business, give us a call on 0800 849 8586

  • Sensory Direct
    Lighting Solutions Throughout a High-Functioning Facility

    The Client

    Sensory Direct is a trusted seller of sensory toys and resources for people that suffer from autism and other conditions. Their principle values are based on wanting to help and support others, improving the lives of those that suffer. Sensory Direct has recently expanded their operations by moving to a new facility in Worcestershire that could provide a big enough space for their team to expand long into the future. As most companies discover, the new facility’s equipment wasn’t perfectly tailored to their needs as an organisation, so they identified different areas that needed improvement.

    What the Client Needed

    Sensory Direct had just moved to a new warehouse which required better, economical lighting solutions, that is flexible to wherever they are stationed in the warehouse. The existing installations in the warehouse were to an industrial standard, so the new fittings needed to look and work harmoniously. They also required a new electric supply for their forklift charging station. After understanding these updates needed to be made, Sensory Direct contacted SCI Management to see how their expertise could implement the correct solutions.

    How SCI Management helped

    • Installed a reduced number of powerful LED lights, designed to simplify and reduce the cost of electricity bills, as well as improving the workers environment.

    • Configured switching ensuring that only the parts of the warehouse that need to have good light are lit, again saving money.

    • An in-keeping look and feel for all sockets and light switches by housing them all in steel conduits.

    • A new power supply that now provides power to a forklift charging unit.

    What the client said

    “We used SCI Management for the electrical fit out of our new warehouse. Keith listened to our requirements and was able to offer really sound advice and recommendations. Installation from the team was excellent. I’m glad we have found an electrical contractor we can trust and rely on. We fully intend to use SCI for any future work. Highly recommended.” - Andrew Caws, Director at Sensory Direct.

  • DIY SOS The Big Build
    SCI Management are proud to have been part of the BBC's DIY SOS The Big Build team in Eckington Nr Evesham, Worcestershire.

    We supplied two electricians and one electrical labourer to the project over a 9 day period, and were the first contractors onsite before everyone else, to isolate the existing supply and install temporary supplies to allow the build to start from day one. The task was to help transform a family home into a much more suitable environment and allow Antonia, to be able to come home for the first time in 3 years. We are still in touch with Antonia, and her mom, and hope that she will be well enough to come home soon.

    We have met several great people through doing this project, and would happily do it again.

  • Time Business Centre
    SCI Management were commissioned to install 48 new floor boxes and 278 Cat 6 data outlets within a purposed built fully finished building.

    Catesby Property Group plc specialise in the promotion of land and commercial development. They had a purpose built office block (Now "The Time Business Centre") constructed in Doncaster, just off the M18. This had been fully carpeted and decorated but had no data outlets or sufficient power in any of the rooms. However they wanted to use it as a fully furnished and completely automated office block to allow multiple businesses to be able to simply walk in and set up business within less than 24 hours!

    As a result of their objective, they wanted to have the entire building fit for purpose i.e. all system administration to be fully automated, allowing their clients to simply plug in and start working without the need for onsite system administration. As a result they contracted First Solutions in Worcester who offer fully flexible managed IT support, professional IT project delivery and expert IT advice throughout the UK to provide a turn key solution.

    First Solutions contacted SCI to assist with getting the building ready for both their hardware and automated software solutions.

    After a site visit we realised that the entire building had been fully carpeted, access to all rooms was sealed, and the building was in an immaculate condition. This meant that not only did we have to cut out all the floor boxes for each room, but also had to ensure everything went back in place as if we hadn't been there. Also to add to the complications, there wasn't a riser between the floors to link the two com's rooms together and no power in the ground floor comms room.

    However this is exactly the type of challenge SCI enjoy, we have a wealth of knowledge in completing medium to large installations, and turning empty rooms into, functional, reliable offices, comms rooms, classrooms etc.

    We started the project on the 2nd of October, with core drilling through the floor slab to allow access to the upper floors and installing a suitable riser, we also installed 2 x 42U (800 x 1000) linked communications cabinets for both data and active equipment and a suitable power supply within the ground floor comms room. We then carefully lifted the existing floor tiles, cutting them out to allow floor boxes to be installed and then replacing them and the surrounding carpet as if they had been their all along, whilst installing 278 Cat 6 data outlets throughout the building.

    The project went like clock work, which allowed us to complete and fully commission the entire installation 3 days ahead of schedule. This allowed First solutions staff, not only to complete their installation early, but also allowing Catesby's clients to enter their new fully furnished offices much earlier than they had originally anticipated.

    Since completing the ground floor installation, we have also completed the 1st floor, with a total number of data outlets now reaching 578 which was housed in the second 42U comm's cab we had installed previously.

    If you have a building that you would like to convert into pretty much anything! Then please feel free to contact SCI Management for friendly advice and a reasonably priced quotation.

    SCI helps Brinton Carpets install 4 new 32 colour looms.

    Brinton's promise is to ensure all their carpets are made to consistent quality standard, and to meet customer demands on time with the best quality carpet in the market today. With technology advancing, they have decided to challenge the historic methods of weaving carpets and giving the customer a quality product in a rapid time frame to meet market demands, with the ability to produce complicated designs in the same time as a traditional plain carpet.

    As a result of the innovative weaving methods, they have developed a true 32 colour weaving machine that allows them to produce carpets to a photograph finish. Being first to market was important for them, so they commissioned SCI to install the new machines main power supplies and design a lighting system to allow the operators to be able to work comfortably with different coloured pile, even when they are of a similar colour. To achieve this they needed a lighting system that would allow them to achieve a minimum of 750 Lux.

    The additional complication was that the location of the new looms and creels. The ceiling height was over 6m away from the working area and they needed the lighting to be fixed and easily accessible. As a result we designed a frame that would sit over the creels, hold the light fittings securely and be in the correct position to achieve a minimum of 750 Lux at the correct height. However after completing the installation we actually achieved 1020 Lux which far exceeded their expectations.

    The images opposite show the creels before and after we had completed our installation, plus the cable tray we installed to hold the supply, communication and emergency lighting cables which travelled the full width of the factory. Since completing the installation we have been commissioned to help in the continuous improvements throughout facility and have become one of Brinton Carpets main contractors for both electrical and computer networking installations. As a result we have recently converted an unused office into the new customer support office, with 48 telephone and computer network points, and relocated the residential call centre

    In January 2013 SCI Management were commissioned to convert an industrial unit into an automated test facility

    Steritrox are leading manufacturers of automated Whole Room Decontamination technology in Food and Medical Sectors and are devoted to meeting the tough demands of Food Hygiene and Infection Control in these sectors.

    In January 2013 SCI Management were commissioned to convert an industrial unit into an automated test facility, to allow Steritrox to complete various industry trials and evaluate a new technology. The installation requirements were quite unique as they included multiple sub-systems and a data acquisition set-up that recorded ozone concentration and relative humidity across multiple locations in real-time.

    Not only did we provide suitable single and three-phase supplies for their equipment, but also installed various communication cables, at several different voltage ratings to facilitate both control of our equipment and to give accurate readings via sensors installed throughout the facility. All cabling was contained neatly to a high professional standard which was important as they had to give live demonstrations to our clients.

    Due to the unique and potentially dangerous processes involved each part of the processed had to be managed via a purpose built control panel as dispersion of the Ozone gas was critical and then the removal of the gas was equally as important. This entire project was completed within 3 weeks allowing the system for be commissioned and fully functional by February.

  • Gala casino new cabling
    SCI Management are preferred suppliers of Double Diamond Casino and have provided many different solutions for both security and Telecommunication purposes over the years.

    In December 2013, Double Diamond purchased 4 Casino's from the large corporate organisation Gala. As a result Double Diamond wanted to introduce new technology to their new clients and bring the recently purchased Casino’s up to their exacting standards. However to do this they had a very small window of opportunity namely December to complete the first phase of their take over.

    SCI were requested to install new computer network cabling in 4 of their casinos all over the country. Bristol, Cardiff, Aberdeen and Stockton on Tees

    All work was completed on time and on budget, but also the casino managers complimented SCI Management on out ability to work in somewhat difficult and busy conditions, but also how neat and tidy our installation was in comparison to the previous suppliers. As a result of our professional implementation we have been commissioned to install an entire network and electrical installation in their new offices in the New Year.

  • Gate Automation for GEM Estates
    Gate Automation for GEM Estates

    We were asked to try to fix one of our customer's gates, who couldn't understand why they constantly stopped working. The problem was that the original installation had used a electric underground motors.
    These are great motors for the domestic market, but as this was a complex that has over 40 properties, the motors just couldn't handle the amount of traffic on a daily basis, and were failing.

    As a result, we suggested that we upgrade the motors, to hydraulic pistons. These were more than suitable, to handle the amount of traffic at this facility.

    Also we identified that the gates were not safe, as there was nothing to stop them from crushing either a car or a person.

    As a result we installed photo cells and safety edges to bring them up to today's standards.

  • Stanbrook Abbey
    Listed building calls for specialist skills from electrical contractor

    Historic buildings set their own special challenges for electrical contractors. Midlands-based SCI Management demonstrated all their listed buildings expertise when installing new cabling, a 165KVA commercial kitchen and external lighting in the historic Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire.

    In 2012 Stanbrook Abbey, a Grade II listed building, began phase I of a development that would convert the Abbey from a home for Benedictine Nuns into a world class event and conference centre. As the aim was to retain the integrity, ambience and historic character of the building it was important that contractors were able to demonstrate expertise and skills in working on listed building. SCI Management undertook the work which was completed and commissioned In August 2012.

    The first challenge was to ensure that the existing character of the building - grade II listed for both internal and external features throughout - was retained, while the entire building was totally rewired and brought up to today’s standards. The original building was built in 1838 and contains a lot of ornate features. So SCI Management had to ensure that new wiring could be installed, without damaging any of the existing architecture or periodic features, both on the ceiling and walls.

    Routing electrical cables around listed buildings

    The Abbey is made up approximately eight individual buildings added onto each other. So there was a huge challenge in routing cables between them while maintaining current industry standards. Just as importantly, Stanbrook Abbey had a strict requirement that there must be no containment on show, so all cables had to be hidden!

    Fortunately, SCI Management had the necessary skills to route the cables and mains supplies, meeting strict electrical standards while ensuring work is hidden, without any visible sign or any damage to the existing architecture.

    SCI Management were responsible for installing a brand new 165KVA fully electric commercial kitchen.

    Installing 165KVA commercial kitchen

    In addition to handling all the cabling, SCI Management was responsible for installing a brand new 165KVA fully electric commercial kitchen. This required some special planning as, in the early stages, there was only a total of 172KVA supply for the entire building.

    The kitchen had to be completely electric because there was no gas supply to the main kitchen area. The Benedictine Nuns used to use wood burners and electrical appliances to do their cooking. But they never had to contend with a full commercial kitchen catering for 300 people, serving three to five courses, twice a day.

    To manage the period until Western Power could install a new 300KVA supply, SCI Management had to optimize the kitchen utilities, ensuring that cooking staff could only have certain items on at the same time, and installing a safety mechanism to prevent the kitchen from completely shutting down the entire facility by overloading it.

    Stone chapel walls set unique challenges for cabling

    Electrical work in the chapel posed another challenge: to maintain the existing electrical installation, ensuring safety, while not being able to run any visible new wiring. The interior is made of stone, so walls could not be chased out to hide any cabling. Without chasing, any new cables had to be clipped directly to surfaces, but had to be hidden away so not to be seen. Such an approach requires the particular skills and attention to detail that SCI Management have built up over years of specialist work, as all cables that are visible need to be neat and tidy, and tucked into corners and crevices where possible.

    External lighting captures character of historic building and grounds

    SCI Management installed the external lighting along the drive and around the front of the building. The lighting had to be designed to allow for future expansion while being easily maintainable. It also had to capture the character of the building and particular garden features. SCI Management achieved this by combing up-lighting of certain trees, with step lights for the main entrance and lighting up the front of the building - again without any lights being easily visible.

    Fully completed and commissioned

    The entire project started March 2012 and was fully completed and commissioned in August 2012. SCI Management handed over a full O&M (Operations and Maintenance) manual highlighting cable routes, identification of all switch gear and electrical equipment used, plus the necessary health and safety requirements for all maintenance tasks to allow both the caretaker and relevant staff to maintain the building without the need for a skilled electrician.

  • Bishop Challoner Catholic College
    Interactive whiteboards and computer network installed in Birmingham college

    Bishop Challoner Catholic College is recognised as one of the most successful schools in Birmingham, delivering a high quality education to prepare young people for life in a fast advancing technological modern society. As part of its continuing development the School had built a new wing, and needed both the computer network and interactive white boards and projectors installed in four classrooms, along with a suitable sound system.

    To carry out the project, Bishop Challoner turned to SCI Management - an electrical contractor with extensive experience in installing and commissioning audio visual installations and computer networks in schools and colleges.

    The project took two weeks and required specialist expertise. For example, The interactive white boards had only a small window to fit into, so alignment of the projectors was critical. To meet the tolerances required SCI Management used a laser positional tool. This allowed the contractors to get the exact location of the projector lens in the middle of the screen.

    All the work required a clean trip-free finish, minimum disruption to the ceiling, with all cables hidden away

  • Water Processing Plant

    We were contracted to automate the process for a large scale water processing plant. Our solution gave them piece of mind, with a robust fail over solution.

    Their production process relies on having over 100,000 ltrs of water pumped hourly through the entire facility.

    We removed all of their old equipment, allowing one single control panel to control everything, and upgraded their electrical supply bringing it up to today's standards.

  • LED Lighting In College
    We helped a college save over £26,000+ per annum with our LED lighting solutions

    We installed LED Lighting within the school which has been shown to improve health and productivity in staff and students. This creates a much nicer environment for collaborative work between staff and students.

    Not only that, but it could save you up to £26,000 pa! See below what the school is now saving in KVA since we changed the lighting. We promise, you'll be able to spot the difference!

  • Cotswold Motor Group
    Creative Lighting Solutions For the Cotswold Motor Group saving them £3,400+ PA.

    The Cotswold Motor Group are a BMW and Mini retailer and have centres in Hereford, Cheltenham and a body shop in Tewkesbury. The body shop carries out specialist services and repairs that require highly skilled workers. Attention to detail is vital and requires good lighting to be able to carry out work to the exacting standard of the company. This was a challenge with old-fashioned strip fluorescent lighting which performed inconsistently with around 30%-40% failing to work at all.

    Anthony Cooper, the Group After Sales Manager, manages the service repairs, body shop and is responsible for equipment and levels of maintenance throughout the sites. After approaching a variety of independent electricians for quotes and advice, he received conflicting opinions and solutions which were generally overpriced and inappropriate for businesses requirements.

    Based on a recommendation, Anthony contacted SCI Management. He found they offered a flexible approach and a solution that was fit for purpose and cost-effective.

    SCI Managements problem-solving skills and creative lighting solutions saved The Cotswold Motor Group £1000's in installation costs and ongoing electricity bills. As a result, SCI Management continues to work with The Cotswold Motor Group on all of their electrical needs and requirements, including lighting in other buildings.

    Anthony Cooper, After Sales Manager at The Cotswold Motor Group, said:

    "We need high-quality light to be able to do the precise work required to meet the group’s high standards. Replacing bulbs or units was problematic due to the age and bespoke nature of the system. I believe this is also the reason electricians seemed reluctant to quote for the work.

    "A couple of independent electricians whom we had worked with previously suggested ripping out our system and starting again. This seemed a radical and very expensive solution. We were also given conflicting advice which made things more confusing.

    "I contacted SCI Management who immediately took an interest in our business requirements. They listened to our issues and what we needed, taking the time to tailor a creative solution that was not only cost effective but provided us with the best lighting.

    "SCI Management suggested changing the units to new LED lighting. To be cost effective and meet our needs they recommended a solution and after the installation, measure the lux throughout the body shop and bring in additional units if needed. This approach helped us adapt to our requirements as we learned what lighting was necessary. Colours and tiles absorb light differently and every space has unique environmental conditions that can affect how we see the light. All our previous quotes seriously over specified the work with no consideration for budgets or actual requirements.

    "What we liked about SCI Management was the fact that they not only supplied the lighting but also did all the installation work. Many companies only offer the lighting units, meaning you then have to hire someone to do the installation.

    Not only does this complicate the process, but it also means there is no accountability from either the supplier or the installer if issues arise.

    "SCI Management has excellent customer service, and it is easy to work with them. They have been extremely supportive and the entire team are pleasant and polite. They worked around us, ensuring my staff could continue with their daily tasks unhindered, organised the equipment for the engineers, turned up when they said they would and finished the installation on time."

    The existing lighting system used approximately 43372.45 KW/H per year, and the new proposed system is 12644.5 KW/H per year.

    "We now have half the units we were using before resulting in our power consumption dropping by half. Going from 100 fluorescent lights to a new efficient LED system has reduced our wattage to a fraction of what we had before, so there is a definite cost saving on our electricity bills.

    "During this process, I was trying to find someone with flexibility and who would be prepared to go that extra mile, which is why I am happy to recommend SCI Management to other businesses. If you are someone who needs a solution to a complicated lighting issue, then SCI Management is the right business for you as they seem to be very good at problem-solving and enjoy the challenge. They put the time and effort into designing a bespoke system to meet our requirements, and I am delighted with all the work they have done for us to date."

  • School Security System
    Enhance Security System Put In Place For Local School

    Through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic we have continued working safely and responsibly to provide the best electrical services possible. This time, we were called out to Bishop Challenor with 2 unique challenges.

    Challenge 1 - The school had decided to move their reception location meaning the outdoor gate providing access to the school was no longer visible.

    Solution - In order to provide the school staff with a reliable view of the front gate, we supplied and fitted the Vimar ELVOX door entry system. A unique system that uses antennas to wirelessly connect to the receiver in the reception office, staff now had a clear view of the gate and anyone trying to access the school. As the system is linked to the schools data network the receiver can be placed in any room in the school and still work effortlessly. Also, this system can be accessed via a mobile app in which users can get a direct feed to their phones the images provided by the camera and grant access to those who need it.

    Product: VIMAR Security System

    Challenge 2 - Staff also moved into the building opposite the main hub of the school and required a security system to be put in place that could link the 2 buildings together.

    Solution - We installed a system that again linked to the schools network, and through directional antennas could be accessed around the school. We installed the Pyronix Security System which allows users to access the system remotely via mobile app. Through the app you can view CCTV, arm and disarm the alarm system and notify the police if required; offering maximum security with true flexibility.

    Product: Pyronix Euro 46 V10

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