Structured Cabling

  • SCI Install 1368 Data Points into green field site

    Below are some examples of a six week project that we completed at the beginning of 2006.

    As stated in the title of this page, we were commissioned complete a structured cabling project and install 1368 Cat 6 data points. On the first floor there were 730 outlets with 638 on the ground floor.

    The main communications room was situated on the first floor. This consisted of 5 42u 800 x 800 cabinets bayed together, of which two of the cabinets would house our data cabling for all purposes such as, Telephone & Data communications where applicable.

    Each data point was either housed in floor boxes, or were run into 25mm conduit between the wall cavities, to supply dual data points located according to the customer’s requirements.

    There were a total of 325 floor boxes laid out according to the desk plans as stipulated by the customer. These contained 4 outlets to supply the appropriate communication medium to each desk.

    Under each floor was a LSOH cable mat which was used as the main backbone to supply each wing of the building with the appropriate outlets. Between the two floors were two 600mm basket risers containing looms of no more than 24 cables leading into the appropriate cabinets.

    Each bunch of 24 cables were loomed into the cabinet using Velcro straps and terminated to 48 port Cat 6 patch panels. Each outlet and port was labeled and tested to Cat 6 industrial standards using our Fluke DTX 1800 cable analyzer.

    On the completion of the project, all data outlet numbers were overlaid onto the appropriate documents, drawings and supplied to the customer with the corresponding test results. Not only did we install the entire system within 6 weeks from start to finish, but the customer stated that he had never seen such high quality before in any of their large installations throughout the country.

    Feel free to contact us on 0800 849 8586 or drop us a line to for more information or to discuss your structured cabling requirements. If you have any questions and require one of our project managers to pop and see you, please feel free to give us a call.