Data Networks

In today's fast moving ICT environment, it is vital that your server or main communications room has a strong data network infrastructure. We can offer a range of solutions to suit any size project such as:

  • Complete green field installations from start to finish
  • Move or add data outlets or phones
  • Upgrade to a new network solution

Tidy up messy cables in your office

If your day to day business activity doesn't work effectively your staff will face delays and system failures which can cost time and money.

Data network installations

SCI Management's qualified engineers specialise in computer data network installations, known as "Structured Cabling". Whether you require the latest Cat 7 10Gb (600 MHz), Cat 6 1Gb (250 MHz) cable or the standard Cat 5e UTP, STP, or Fibre Optic we can supply, install and certify the links from your communication centres throughout your building. What ever size your project, ranging from simple office refurbishments to large green field site installations (such as call centres), we can help. Plus our work includes a 10 year installation warranty.

SCI Management has many years' experience of designing and installing structured cabling solutions across all public and private industry sectors for all businesses sizes nationwide. All work is carried out to strict industry standards with minimal disruption to your workplace.

Our project managers and engineers ensure both existing and new solutions meet exact industry requirements.

If cabling is an issue or you reside in a listed building then our wireless system is perfect for you. We will design and supply a bespoke solution to suit your requirements, (even if that means up to and over 1000 people accessing the network simultaneously).

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