4th Company in the UK to install a Cat 7 system

  • As stated in our about us page; we typically complete the technically challenging projects that no one wants to touch or don’t have the internal knowledge to tackle.

    Also as result of our company policy and the continuing advancements in data cabling and system networking, we are proud to announce that we have completed the fourth every Cat 7 installation in this country, in 2006. This contract has been completed for the RSM Nuneaton facility on behalf of HSDataline, who have since ceased trading.

    This installation comprised of the following:

    Over 100 data outlets throughout the offices & factory floor, Installed into a dedicated air-conditioned communications cabinet, situated on the first floor. The purpose were to future proof the facility for the next 10 – 15 years and provide dynamic analysis results from the CMM (Coordinated Measuring Machine) to the NC grinding machines, and was also used with a VOIP telephone system.

    The system we used was the LANmark-7 cable, which is a 4 pair STP with individual pair foils and an overall braid offering superior performance up to 1000MHz. It is fully compliant with the Category 7 standards and when installed together with the GG45 LANmark-7 connector as a system, is guaranteed to exceed even the toughest channel requirements.

    LANmark-7 is the highest performing standardised solution in the market and will support all current and planned data applications.

    Feel free to contact us on 0800 849 8586 or drop us a line to info@scimanagement.com for more information.