What a winter! (repairing flood damage)

  • The winter this year has had a devastating effect to one of our customers. -19 put pay to their offices. Whoever the plumber was who completed the original installation should be shot!!

    None of the pipes within his office was lagged. As a result the bitter cold caused the pipes to freeze, and once they defrosted he had a massive flood. Unfortunately it was all high level, meaning that the water ran down into all of his electrics, causing the whole office to short out and the mains supply to blow.

    SCI came to his rescue, an office with no power is just a major overhead that isn't earning any money. Working through the night we got his back up and running and got the office operational. Changing the distribution board and installing new mains fuses and an RCD between them not only allowed him to continue to trade but also protected the system from it ever happening again.