Making the house of horrors safe

  • Every Friday evening, we're bombarded by TV adverts encouraging us to spend our weekends carrying out Nick Knowles-style makeovers on our homes.

    Now there's nothing wrong with a bit of painting or curtain hanging but any electrical jobs should always be left to the experts – like my company SCI Management.

    As you can imagine, I see some scary sights in this job, and recently I was asked to carry out an Inspection & Test of a family home in Worcestershire which is on the market.It was a nightmare! Every room presented fresh horrors, like an electrical version of the Amityville house, and I'm surprised the owner still had a property standing to sell.

    Where do I start? Well, he was running seven single plugs off a 32 amp MCB on a single radial circuit of 2.5mm twin and earth.

    He had also spliced into the shower circuit in his loft to run four plug circuits which powered TVs and computer equipment in the bedrooms.

    Outside, the owner couldn't understand why the 750 watt motor on he's electric gates had jammed until I pointed out that the motor draws 3.26 amps and he was using a 16 amp miniature circuit breaker. This allowed it to draw more than it was capable of taking, so it over-heated and burnt out when the gates had got stuck.

    Less reputable electricians may have passed this property but SCI put everything right for the relieved owner – making his home safe and legal again.

    So when it comes to electrics, don't put yourself, your family and your property at risk. Be a bright spark and call SCI Management – we're NIC/EIC approved contractors and all our engineers are City and Guilds 2382 17th edition qualified.