Banish Interference from your life

  • It might sound like a supergroup from the early 1970s but electromagnetic interference, better known as EMI, is as annoying as Justin Bieber on repeat.

    The dictionary definition of EMI is "the disruption of operation of an electronic device when it is in the vicinity of an electromagnetic field (EM field) in the radio frequency (RF spectrum) that is caused by another electronic device".

    In simple terms, electrical items that are too close to each other won't work effectively unless you eliminate the EMI. And that's what the experienced team at SCI Management will do through its high quality installations.

    In my last blog, I said that plumbers are busier than electricians because when we see water dripping through the ceiling we rush for the phone. But when it comes to computers running slowly, we think "Oh well, it's not broken so it doesn't need fixing."

    It's an understandable attitude but ultimately the wrong one. Unlike SCI, some electrical contractors and computer system operators aren't aware of the pitfalls of EMI. They just do the job and walk away. But SCI know that if one connection is run within 50mm of an electric power cable it can slow the network down considerably and reduce resulting traffic by at least 30 per cent. There's also the added risk of – FIRE!

    Our message is that cheapest isn't always best. You may save a few pounds on the installation but think of what you'll lose in terms of your general day to day working when your computer is running at a snail's pace.

    Banish EMI in your home or business by calling SCI. We're fully qualified and NIC/EIC registered and carry out free, no obligation site surveys.