Managed Wireless system

Managed and Un-managed Wireless Systems

SCI Management are pleased to announce that we are one of the first companies within the Midlands Area to facilitate the use of the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) This is is a software system designed to support teaching and learning in an educational setting. We pride our selves on completing one of the first professional managed WIFI installations to allow more than 950 students to log onto a common WIFI system.
Our solution allows multiple users to connect securely to the Wireless LAN and roam as part of the Wireless LAN Mobility System. The wireless LAN Controller and software centrally manages and controls wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAP’s) for those networks demanding complex deployments, or with multiple offices or highly secure LAN requirements. By providing a Layer 2 path for Layer 3 traffic, wireless controllers, switches and MAP’s operate as an integrated infrastructure separated by Layer 2 & Layer 3 devices even in distributed remote networks, making it easy to expand or modify the WLAN as needed.

We also specialise in single peer to peer installations to allow wireless expansion for internet access etc, for all types of equipment, within any environment. Whether you require an internal or external system, SCI Management can offer you a reliable and affordable solution.

Wireless LAN Benefits

    Flexibility - makes it faster and cheaper to move staff to improve productivity

    Portability - unlike cabling, wireless LAN hardware can be easily moved around and relocated so the value of your investment can be maintained

    Mobility - provide network access to your staff across the office, a campus or any large remote area

    Adaptability - make use of unavailable resources in old buildings or locations where cabling is not possible

All work is carried out to strict industry standards with little disruption to your workplace. Feel free to contact us on 0800 849 8586 or drop us a line to for more information.